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Classes & Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Click the blue links below for class websites.

Principal​Ms. C. Carpenter
Ms. ​​C. McKellar
​​Office Staff​Mrs. Ciurpita, Mrs. Cail
​​Mrs.​ Awrey and Mrs. Kazmierczak
Mrs. Scott and Ms. Tweedy
Ms. Wood and Ms. Hagen
Grade 1Ms. Falconi
Mme Ealey                                    
​Grade 1/2 Mrs. Rice
​Grade 2                       Mme Smith
Mme LeMesurier
​Grade 2/3
​Mr. Fuller
​Grade 3
​Mrs. Rettinger
Mme Fortin-Law
Mme Dufault 
​Grade 3/4
​Ms. Iurincic
​Grade 4
Mme Cheshire
Ms. Davy
​Grade 4/5
Mrs. Smith-McLeod
​Grade 5
​Mme Compton
Mrs. Peach
​Grade 6
Mme Cote
​Grade 6/7Mme Racine 
​Grade 7Mr. Szafranski​​
​Grade 7/8Mme Lacroix
​Grade 8​Mr. Larmand
Mme Buttineau
​Learning Centre​Ms. Robertson
​SERT​Mrs. Taylor-Winter
​LibraryMme Armstrong
​Planning Time​Mrs. Boettger
Ms. Sykes-Hesler
Mme Dusome
Mrs. Jolliffe
Ms. Wright
​Core French​M. Millar
​Educational Assistants​​Mrs. Beutler, Mrs. Forigo, Mrs. Gignac, Mrs. Gregson, Miss Lawson, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Vincent
​Custodial Staff​Mr. Traverse, Mr. Marion, Mr. Corbier